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Chapter 7: Zorba Is My Past: Buddha Is My Present

Mind IS crazy.

Then how to make this mind sane? It is impossible, but it is a good business. Jews are very good in finding beautiful businesses.

Jesus was a Jew. He has founded the greatest business in the world, Christianity - and Jews can never forgive themselves because they unnecessarily crucified their own boy and missed a great chance - the greatest firm! Since then they have been trying to take revenge in every way.

Karl Marx was another Jew. He founded another business, communism. Now half of humanity is communist. Sigmund Freud is another Jew, who founded the most highly paid profession, psychoanalysis. But nobody is interested in man; they themselves are earning beautifully.

I have nothing to learn from them - they have nothing to teach. They have to learn something from the East, because the basic point is to find something above and beyond mind. Man’s consciousness should be centered on the beyond point; then mind can be controlled very easily.

You can see my sannyasins: you will not find them suffering from the same phobias as the ordinary man, you will not find them needing psychoanalysis. If they are meditating, they are masters of their own lives.

Mind is a bad master, but a good servant.

You just have to find the right master within yourself.

What is so special about what you teach, if it condones almost all forms of self-expression?

First, nobody in the whole history of humanity has allowed man’s nature total freedom; it was always with conditions. Man’s nature has never been accepted lovingly, it has been condemned as sin. All the religions have been committing that criminal act of condemning man’s nature. By condemning, you cannot change man’s nature, but you can poison it.

They have poisoned it, so man is living in a kind of limbo. Neither can he be natural - because then all the moral teachings in his mind disturb him, saying “You are committing sin” - nor can he follow the moral teachings. Nature has its own way; its pull, its gravity is great.

Man is torn apart.

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