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Chapter 11: The Law of Grace

An Englishman decided that he wanted to become Irish. After much research he discovered that the only way to become truly Irish was to have half his brain removed. He managed to find a surgeon who would operate, but during the operation the doctor made a dreadful mistake and removed his entire brain.

When the man woke up, the doctor said, “I’m very sorry, I’ve made a mistake. Instead of taking half your brain, I removed it all!”

To which the patient replied, “No worries, cobber!”

He had become an Australian!

A young Australian got married.

“Look, son,” said his father. “When you are alone tonight with your bride, take her clothes off, take your clothes off, put your hand on her belly and say, ‘I love you, darling!’”

“Yes, pa,” said the young man.

When the feast was over he took his eager bride to the room, dimmed the lights, stripped off all her clothes, sat naked by her side, laid his hand on her stomach and said, “I love you, darling!”

“Ah, lower, lower!” groaned the girl, patting his hand.

“Mm,” says the Aussie, lowering his voice, “I love you, I love you!”

The third question:

Please talk about surrender and obedience.

On the surface they appear alike, but they are polar opposites. One who is surrendered need not be obedient; obedience is needed only if there is no surrender. You will be a little puzzled because you have been told and taught and conditioned that obedience and surrender are synonymous. Obedience means you are not surrendered, so you are forced to be obedient - there is ego inside you which you are repressing, hence obedience is needed. In the army obedience is needed, obedience has to be enforced. Those who are obedient have to be rewarded and those who are not obedient have to be punished. Slowly, slowly everybody becomes obedient.

This is just a conditioned reflex. This is what they do with rats in psychology labs, this is how they train the rats. Psychologists don’t think there is any difference between rats and man, and about ninety-nine point nine percent of people, they are right, there is not much difference.

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