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Chapter 40: The Spiritual Proletariat

I said, “You have called the wrong man. Why should cow slaughter be stopped? All slaughter should be stopped.that can be understood.”

He said, “Because the cow is our mother.” He was an old man.

And I asked, “Then what about the bull? Is he your father too?”

He was so angry that he said if he had not called me as a guest he would have thrown me out.

I said, “You can throw me out right now. There is no problem. That will show how much love you have for life and how much respect you have toward living beings - even human beings, even those you have asked to be your guest. And you want the cow to be saved from slaughter!

“And it is not you that is wanting it. It is just a conditioning. You are a Hindu and you have a Hindu mind, and you have never been able to go a little behind the mind and to see its strategy.”

When the consciousness becomes identified with the mind, then the brain is helpless. The brain is simply mechanical. Whatever mind wants, the brain does. But if you are separate, then the mind loses its power. Otherwise, it is sovereign and you are afraid of meditation because of that.

But I am alive.. By meditation nobody dies! In fact the master cannot do anything else than take you to the pond and show you those two faces in the mirror. I am alive, and I don’t have any conditioning: I don’t belong to any religion, I don’t belong to any political ideology, I don’t belong to any nation. I don’t have myself filled up with all kinds of nonsense called “holy scriptures.” I have simply pushed the mind aside. I use the brain directly; there is no need of any conditioning, there is no need of any mediator.

But your fear is understandable. You have been brought up with certain concepts, and perhaps you are afraid to lose them.

For example, for a Christian alcohol is not a sin, but for Mahatma Gandhi even tea was a sin. In his ashram it was not possible to drink tea - alcohol was just out of the question!

Christians go on saying to the world that Jesus did many miracles; one was that he turned water into alcohol, water into wine. But if you ask the Jainas or the Buddhists they will say, “This is not a miracle, this is a crime! If he had changed wine into water, that would have been a miracle, but this is simply a crime - making wine out of water. He should be behind bars; he should not be respected for that.” Jainism and Buddhism cannot conceive that any man who has a little meditativeness can drink wine or alcohol or take any other drugs.

All these drugs are used to forget your misery. But if the misery itself disappears, there is nothing to forget. If the disease is gone you throw the bottle of medicine out of the window. You don’t go on carrying it: “This is a great medicine and I am going to worship it all my life, and once in a while I am going to taste it because it cured my disease.”

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