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Chapter 33: This Nonsense of Nations

In a small family the child is the problem. In a commune the child is not a problem. The father and mother go on changing partners - that does not matter to the child. The child is being taken care of by the commune. He can go to his old father to see him, to meet him; he can go to his mother. It does not matter that they no longer live together.

In fact, it is enriching, because he will be meeting a new father, a new mother. When he goes to meet his father, he will introduce him to his new mother. When he goes to meet his mother, she will introduce him to his new father. And this is going to happen so many times that he becomes introduced to the whole commune.

This is more human. And he is no longer tied to a very small thing, he is flowing in a vast sea of human beings.

Once we have settled our communes in the world, these are going to be the predecessors, the pioneers for the whole humanity in the future. There is no other way. The old family is finished; it is just dragging on somehow because people can’t see any alternative.

We are the alternative.

Could you please explain the relationship between spontaneous living with awareness, and the conditioning of mind? How can one be certain that something is one’s nature and not conditioning?

If you are in doubt, it is conditioning.

If there is no doubt, it is awareness.

It is a very simple criterion!

The way you dance is absolutely unique and outrageous. What is the secret behind the Osho Shake?

I have never thought in my life that there is going to be someday the Osho Shake!

I don’t know dancing, so it is going to be outrageous.

And the secret is very simple:

It is your love.

I don’t think any man in the whole history has been loved so much by so many intelligent people.

Your love makes me dance.

The secret is with you.

I cannot believe it, because I don’t deserve any love even from a single human being. But one million sannyasins around the earth - it surprises me!

And you are showering so much love that what else can I do? I can do a little Osho Shake!