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Chapter 1: I Belong to the Whole World

Now all the religions are preventing consciousness from growing. They are all against existence, they are all against nature, they are all against you.

My trip is to make people aware of their imprisonment, to make them aware of their potential - what they are and what they can become - to make them aware that existence is waiting for something tremendously ecstatic to happen in them and nobody has the right to prevent it. You owe it to existence. It has given you birth; it has given you everything. Just in gratitude, can’t you give it back a conscious being?

Sannyas is not a religion, it is not a church.

I would love to see everybody on the earth being a sannyasin, but I would not make any effort to convert anybody into sannyas. I will simply explain the situation. I trust your intelligence; I don’t see any need to convert you. Your intelligence has to be appealed to.

I know that there is not a single human being who would not like freedom, who would not like to be more loving and loved, who would not like to know the mysteries of existence, who would not like to live a life of joy, ecstasy, song and dance.

What is the need of converting anybody? I just have to explain to you things which somehow you already know, but your religions have covered them, forced them into your unconscious, and don’t allow them to come to your conscious.

My work is deprogramming.

I am against all programs.

I don’t have any program of my own. So I will go around the earth destroying the programs of people and making them free. I will not substitute any program, because that is again the same story: another prison - maybe newly built, modern architecture, but it does not matter.

I want you to live in utter freedom under the stars, under the sky, and feel existence in as many ways as possible so that your life becomes poetry. That is what sannyas means to me.

When a man’s life becomes poetry, becomes a song, becomes a work of art, a creativity, he has become a sannyasin. Whether he knows it or not, it does not matter. The word sannyas does not matter; what matters is the content.

So I am not going to convert anybody. But millions of intelligent young people are ready - it is just that they are surrounded with so much garbage, so many rotten traditions, orthodoxies, they don’t see that there is any way out of it.

There is a way out of it.

In fact all those conditionings are not imprisoning you; you are holding and clinging to them. And that is the whole art of sannyas: how to relax and let those conditionings fall down and be shattered on the ground, leaving you as innocent as you were born.

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