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Chapter 10: Completing the Circle

Such are your relationships of love. You keep watch over each other. It is a form of enmity - where is the love in it? How can you guard over each other in love? There is trust in love, there is a confidence, an unprecedented faith. These are the flowers of love - faith, trust, confidence. If a lover doesn’t have these, then love has not blossomed. Jealousy, envy, enmity, spite, anger - these are the flowers of hatred. You carry the flowers of hatred while thinking you have planted a tree of love. You bear the bitter neem fruits thinking that you have planted a mango tree. Get rid of this delusion.

So when I say to you that love can become a path to take you to the divine, you listen to me but you don’t trust it, because you know your love. Your life is a hell because of that love. If I am talking about that love, then I am certainly saying the wrong thing. But I am talking about another kind of love - the kind that you have been searching for, but have not yet found. You can find it - that is your potentiality - but until you do find it, you will cry, weep, suffer in agony and remain distressed. Until the flower of your life blossoms, until the fragrance of love spreads from that flower of life you will remain restless, discontented. Until then, whatever you do you will still remain dissatisfied, you will still be restless. Until you blossom, you will not be fulfilled.

Love is a flower.

Love is a great religious phenomenon. It is the opposite of jealousy. Love is very close to prayer. Once love begins, its next step is prayer. Once prayer begins, its next step is the divine. Love, prayer, the divine.these are the three steps of the one temple.

The second question:

Who am I, and what is the purpose of my life?

You are asking me? Dear sir, don’t you know who you are? And can anyone else’s answer be of any use to you? It will be borrowed. No matter what answer I give to you, it will never be your answer. You will have to find your own answer. The question is yours, and only your answer can solve the question. If I say to you, Tattvamasi Svetketu - that you, Svetketu, are the embodiment of brahman - what will that achieve? I can tell you that you are the soul, the eternal, the very embodiment of deathlessness - what will that achieve? You have heard these kind of answers many times. You know them by heart. You yourself give such answers to others. When your son asks you, you explain to him that he is the soul, the witness, sachchidananda, ultimate bliss.

Other people’s answers can be of no help to you. At least as far as “Who am I?” is concerned, the question requires that you descend into your own self. The well of the self is very deep. You can find the source of its water only if you go down to the very bottom. It is a deep well, and you must go there alone. No one else can come with you. Who can travel inside you? - no one. This journey must be undertaken on your own. This is a flight of the alone, to the alone.

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