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Chapter 2: The Weight of a Flower

By divine order all form was created,
But His order cannot be described.
Divine order has created all life,
And by it all greatness bestowed;
By divine order are some high and some low,
And pain and pleasure granted;
By His order do some attain salvation,
Or endlessly wander through cycles of death and birth.
All are subject to His order; none is beyond His reach.
Nanak says, He who understands His order becomes freed from his self.

Those who know power will sing of His might.
Knowing charity, some sing of His bounty as the sign.
Some sing of His virtues and His greatness.
Some sing of His knowledge, when scholarship is their bent.
Some sing that He creates the body and turns it back to dust.
Some sing that the life He takes will again be reborn.
Some sing that He is far, far away.

Some sing that He sees all and is everywhere.
There is no end to His attributes,
Though a million describe Him in a million ways.
The giver gives eternally, though the receiver tires of receiving;
Since the beginning of time have they subsisted on His endless bounty.
He is the ordainer and by His order does the universe turn.
Says Nanak, He is without a care, endlessly blissful.

There are two ways of living. One is the way of conflict, the other is the way of surrender. In conflict you feel that your will is different from the will of the whole. In surrender you feel that you are a part of the whole, with no question of your will being different or apart. If you are aloof and apart, conflict is natural and inevitable. If you are one with the whole, surrender is natural. Conflict brings tension, restlessness, worry, and anxiety. Surrender brings emptiness, peace, joy and finally the supreme knowledge.

The ego thrives on conflict and is destroyed in surrender. The worldly man is always in conflict; the religious man has given up all struggles and surrendered himself. Religion has nothing to do with your going to a church or a mosque or a Sikh temple. If your tendency is to fight, if you are struggling even with God, if you are trying to enforce your own will - albeit through prayer or worship - you are irreligious.

When you have no desire of your own, then his wish is your wish; if you have no separate goal of your own, wherever he takes you is your destination. When you are ready to move as he pleases, when you have no expectations of your own, when you make no decisions, then you cease swimming and begin to float.

Have you watched a hawk soaring high in the sky? When it has flown to a sufficient height, it stretches its wings wide and floats in the air. When your mind reaches that stage it is in a state of surrender. You need no longer flap your wings, you merely float, weightless in his atmosphere. For all weight is caused by conflict; it is born through resistance. The more you fight the lower you fall. The more you abandon the fight, the lighter you become; and the lighter you are, the higher you soar. If you leave all conflict completely, you reach God’s heights, which signifies being free of all burden, weightless. Ego is like a stone tied round your neck; the more you fight, the heavier it becomes.

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