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Chapter 4: Kundalini Yoga: Returning to the Roots

What is kundalini? What is kundalini yoga and how can kundalini yoga help the West? And also why is your method for awakening kundalini chaotic rather than like the traditional, controlled methods?

Existence is energy, the movement of energy in so many shapes and so many forms. Kundalini is one of them, as far as human existence is concerned. Kundalini is the focused energy of the human body and the human psyche.

Energy can exist unmanifest or manifest. It can remain in the seed, or it can come up in the manifested form. Every energy is either in the seed or in the manifested form. Kundalini means your total potential, your total possibility. But it isn’t a seed; it is the potential. It can become actual but it is not actual. The ways of working on kundalini are the ways of making your potential actual.

So first, kundalini is not something unique. It is human energy as such, but ordinarily it is not functioning, or only a part is functioning, a very minute part is functioning. And that part too is not functioning harmoniously; it is in conflict. That’s the misery, that’s the anguish. If your energy can function harmoniously then you feel blissful; if it works in conflict - in itself, antagonistic - then you feel miserable. All misery is your energy in conflict, and all happiness - all bliss - is your energy in harmony.

Why is the potential, the whole potential, not actual? Firstly, it is not needed as far as day-to-day life is concerned. The whole potential is not needed, it is not challenged, it is not required. Only that part becomes functioning which is required, challenged and tapped. Day-to-day life is not a challenge to it, so only a very minute part becomes manifest. This part is also not harmonious. It is doubly in conflict - one conflict is within, within this very part. It is not integrated because the day-to-day life is not integrated.

Requirements are in conflict. Needs are in conflict. Your society requires something, your instincts require something else, quite contradictory. In the morning something is required and in the afternoon you go quite contrary to it. You have to go. The day-to-day needs are in conflict. The social requirement and the natural requirement are in conflict. The society and its requirements, the morality, the religion, and their requirements - they have never been in search of a harmonious whole. They are fragmentary. Everything is meaningful in itself, but not in the organic unity of the human being.

Your wife requires something from you; your mother requires something quite contrary. Then your day-to-day life becomes a conflicting demand on you. The part, the minute part, that becomes manifest in you - the energy, the potential that becomes actual - is fragmentary, in conflict within itself.

This is one level of conflict and contradictions. Another is, the part which becomes manifest will always be in conflict with the part which has not yet become manifest. The actual will always be in conflict with the potential, because the potential will push itself to be manifested, and the actual will suppress it.

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