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Chapter 9: The Emperor’s Nightmare

First, there is no path. And second, God cannot be recognized and realized by any of your parts, God can only be realized through your totality. Neither is there an intellectual path nor is there an emotional path, neither head nor heart. You come to God as a total being; all is included in it. Your intellect, your emotions, your logic, your love, your blood, your bones, your guts. Everything is included in it - you as a totality. But paths are bound to be fragmentary, no path can be total. So there are intellectual paths: in India they call them Gyana yoga, the path of knowledge. Then there are emotional paths: Bhakti yoga, the path of devotion. And then there are paths of action: Karma yoga.

Man has three layers in his being: knowing, feeling, doing. Now, these three paths have evolved because of these three layers in man’s being. Intellect can know but cannot feel. Emotion can feel but cannot know. Action can do but cannot know, cannot feel. Knowledge cannot do, feeling cannot do. Man is this trinity, this triangle: action, knowledge, feeling and they all have to be integrated together in one unity. Only then you know God.

Not only has man divided man, man has divided God too - God the father, God the son, God the holy ghost. Or in Indian mythology, trimurti - the three faces of God. God has no face; God is facelessness. God has no form, how can he have a face? God is not three; God is one. Even to say “one” is not right, because the one creates the idea of two and the two creates the idea of three, and on and on you go.

God simply is: neither one nor three, neither one nor many. God is a simple is-ness. And when you are in your is-ness you are God. Remember, you don’t come to see God, you don’t encounter God, you don’t come to realize that “This is God.” When you come to God you are God. God is not something outside you but is your innermost core, is the center of the cyclone.

So there is no path, first. And there are no intellectual or emotional or other kinds; there are no paths, you have to become a totality. In that very totality you become divine.

Intellect can go on and on analyzing. It is dry, it is analysis, it is logic, it cannot feel. Through intellect science is born. That’s why science cannot say God is. Science has to deny God. That denial comes because of its presuppositions because science believes only in reason, and it believes in a very detached reason. Your feelings should not come into it. You should remain aloof, detached, indifferent to whatsoever you are looking at. You should be just an observer, with no feeling, with no heart. Your heart should not beat; your knowledge should be devoid of feeling.

Naturally science stumbles upon matter. Not that only matter is; science stumbles upon matter because of its methodology. The methodology is such that consciousness cannot be caught hold of. Consciousness is excluded from the very beginning, the method excludes it.

For example if you start seeing through the ears then you will stumble only upon sounds. You will not come to see flowers and colors and rainbows and the sun and the moon and the stars. And sooner or later you will conclude that only sounds exist, there are no flowers and there are no colors.

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