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Chapter 17: The Voice That Is Soundless

But then we think of God as mind: the controller, the creator, the sustainer. We have some vague idea of God as a supreme mind somewhere above, in the sky, who controls everything. But then he becomes the mind. He may be a great engineer or, as Plato says, a great mathematician, but the conception is that he is the mind. He is neither mind nor matter. He is beyond both.

This sutra says to remember this transcendence. He is neither the outer nor the inner. He is neither the body nor the mind. He is neither any thing nor any thought. Before you enter the ultimate temple from where no coming back is possible, remember this: Hold fast to that which has neither substance nor existence.

The fourteenth sutra:

Listen only to the voice which is soundless.

Listen only to the voice which is soundless. All sounds are created. All the sounds that we know are created in some way or the other. The wind blows and a sound is created. You clap your palms and a sound is created. I speak and a sound is created. But all these are created sounds. They will die because that which is born is bound to die, that which is created will be destroyed.

Is there any sound that is uncreated? If there is any uncreated sound, truth can be expressed only through that - because that which can die cannot express the truth. That’s why it is said again and again that truth can be expressed only in silence; it cannot be said through words.

Words may lead you toward silence, but they cannot speak the truth. Words will die, and that which is immortal cannot be said through mortal words. How can it be? It is impossible. How can that which is eternal be put into the temporal? How can that which is timeless be brought into time? How can that which is beyond space be placed somewhere in a temple, in a space? Truth can be revealed only through something that is eternal.

Through meditation, many seekers have come to know a soundless sound within, a silent sound. The words soundless sound are contradictory. It is soundless because you cannot hear it with your ears. It is soundless because sound is always created through conflict, and there is no conflict. Sound is always created through duality, two things in conflict, but there are not two things in the heart. It is soundless because it cannot be heard, it can only be experienced.

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