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Chapter 4: When Grapes Are Sour

The first question.

“Happiness is not being smart enough to know what to worry about.” Please comment.

This must have been said by a very unhappy man, and yet a very egoistic one. He cannot recognize the fact that unhappiness is created by being unintelligent. He is trying to save his ego. He is saying that the grapes are sour.

To be unhappy no intelligence is needed. Everybody is capable of being unhappy but happiness is very, very rare. Great talent is needed. Not only intellect, intelligence is needed. Only rarely does a Buddha, a Krishna, become happy. It is almost impossible to be happy.

So let us try to understand what unhappiness is. Unhappiness is the incapacity to understand life, the incapacity to understand oneself, the incapacity to create a harmony between you and the existence. Unhappiness is a discord between you and reality; something is in conflict between you and existence. Happiness is when nothing is in conflict - when you are together, and you are together with existence also. When there is a harmony, when everything is flowing without any conflict, smooth, relaxed, then you are happy. Happiness is possible only with great understanding, an understanding like the peaks of the Himalayas. Less than that won’t do

Anybody is capable of being unhappy any moment, that’s how the whole world is so unhappy. To be happy you will have to create such a great understanding about you and about the existence in which you exist, that everything falls in line, in deep accord, in rhythm. And between your energy and the energy that surrounds you a dance happens and you start moving in step with life.

Happiness is when you disappear. Unhappiness is when you are too much. You are the discord, your absence will be the accord. Sometimes you have glimpses of happiness - when by some accident you are not there. Looking at nature, or looking at the stars, or holding the hand of your beloved, or making love.in some moments you are not there. If you are there, even there there will be no happiness. If you are making love to your beloved and it is really as you express it, a “making,” then there will be no happiness.

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