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Chapter 7: Choose the New

After one hour, the great politician came and knocked on his door. He opened the door and saw the politician mad, red with anger, and he could not understand “What could I have done? - because I have been asleep for one hour!” And he said, “Sir, have I done anything wrong? Maybe in my dream.? Or maybe I have made some sound or said something? But I am sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

The politician said “That is not the thing. What happened to the other shoe? For one hour you have been keeping me awake. I heard the noise - the first shoe fell on the floor and I said ‘So this man has come!’ And then I was waiting for the second! And then, by and by, I became almost mad. I couldn’t sleep. What happened to the second shoe?”

That happens to a mind which remains in an inconclusive state: something goes on hanging, like a sword. You can understand the difficulty of the politician. He must have tried to go to sleep but he must have been visualizing the second shoe hanging in the air. “What happened?”

Mind is at rest only when there is conclusion, otherwise never. And philosophy never leads to any conclusion. Only reality is conclusive; only experience, only existence, is conclusive.

Tzu kung grew weary of study
and told Confucius “I want to find rest.”

“There is no rest for the living.”

said Confucius.

Now this standpoint - that there is no rest for the living is based on a certain philosophy: that life is struggle, that life is action. that life is conflict, that life is a war to survive - how can you rest? The same philosophy has become predominant in the West: Darwin, the philosophy of “the survival of the fittest,” and Nietzsche, “the will to power.” Confucius is deeply understood in the West; he is a Western man. He was born in the East, but he is not Eastern at all. His attitude towards life is that of activity. It is a yang attitude, a male attitude - fight, conflict, struggle, conquer, prove your will. You are here to prove your will, you have to show the world that you are somebody. You have to leave a mark on history, otherwise your life is meaningless. You have to compete, you have to struggle - only then can you leave your mark on history. If you remain silent and restful, how are you going to leave your mark on history?

Lao Tzu has not left any mark on history: Tamerlane has left his mark on history. Chuang Tzu has not left his mark on history; Nadir Shah. Alexander. Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin. Mao they have left their marks on history. Mao was a Confucian, he believed in Confucius and he tried hard to destroy all Taoist possibilities and potentialities in China. He destroyed many Taoist monasteries, he wanted to uproot them completely. Why - because they don’t teach any struggle. If you don’t teach any struggle. how can you teach revolution?

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