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Chapter 19: Religion Is Rebellion

The first question:

Is it not possible in any way to preserve your living religion and not let it be reduced to a cult like Christianity? The very idea of your religion being reduced with time to a cult is unbearable.

It is almost impossible to preserve a religion as a religion. Up to now nobody has succeeded in doing it.

But I said it is almost impossible, not absolutely, because we are fortunate in seeing all the failures of the past: all that helps a religion to become a cult can be dropped from the very beginning. We know that many people have tried before. Their efforts are also helpful.

There is not an intrinsic impossibility of a religion remaining a religion. The reasons that reduce it to a cult are not very fundamental.

The first thing: it is not my religion.

I have nothing to do with it. In fact, when I ceased to be it came into being. This is the first thing to remember - it will help the religion to remain a living current.

Do not make it a certain kind of religion - Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism - no, just let it be pure religion.

Let it be just religiousness.

Nobody can reduce religiousness to a cult. That is absolutely impossible. And what I am doing continually is withdrawing all possibilities, all potentialities, which can reduce it to a cult. For example, I have removed God. Without God it is very difficult to reduce a religion to a cult. That’s why Christianity is more of a cult than Buddhism.

This is our blessing, because we can look back upon the whole of history. And only fools say that history does not repeat itself; it continuously repeats, unless you prevent it from repeating itself. If you have accepted the idea that history never repeats itself you are not going to prevent it from repeating itself, there is no need. I say to you that it always repeats itself, unless somebody intelligently prevents it.

Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism, Hinduism, are all God-oriented. Jainism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, are not God-oriented. And the difference can be seen immediately. The God-oriented religions become cults immediately.

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