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Chapter 4: Contrary to Expectation

This experiment has never been done before: nobody has spoken all three languages, because it is troublesome. One language is good because one remains consistent. With me you can never be certain, you will always remain confused. But I use confusion also as a device. If the camel is confused, he will start growing into a lion - because unless he is utterly confused he will never grow. If the lion is confused he will start growing into a child, because you grow only when you are very confused. When you see no point in being where you are, you start growing higher and you start looking for higher peaks - maybe from there a greater vision, a bigger vision is available. I confuse you as a device. I will confuse the camels, I will confuse the lions; and children cannot be confused, they will understand. They will be able to understand that my contradictions are not contradictions at all - because I am speaking three languages, that’s why they only appear to be contradictions.

Meditate over this story. Here, being with me, don’t think of words. My message is not in my words but in the pauses in between. My message is not in what I say but in what I am. My message is not reducible to theories and systems. Either you can live it with me, or you miss it. It is an alive phenomenon. Once I am gone you will start looking into books, and you will be annoyed, and you will be angry with me, because you will feel you have missed.

While I am here, be nourished by me, get drunk with me, be absorbed. Abandon yourself to this mystery that is being revealed to you, and then there will be the possibility that you will not die as a larva, that you will become a caterpillar, and finally you will be metamorphosed into a butterfly.

Grow wings! Dream great dreams of growing wings! You have the potential. You are the seed; a great, great phenomenon is possible through you. And only when you have bloomed will you know what godliness is, what truth is.

Enough for today