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Chapter 4: To Become Free in an Unfree Society

Remember this. Why do you feel so discontented? Why do you always feel so dissatisfied for no particular reason at all? Even if everything is going well, something is missing. What is missing? - you have never listened to your own being. Somebody else has maneuvered, manipulated you, somebody else has dominated you, somebody else has forced you into a life-pattern that was never yours, which you never wanted. I tell you, even if it happens that you become a beggar, don’t be worried if that is your urge. Find the urge and follow it, because God will not ask, “Why are you not a Mahavira? Why are you not a Mohammed, or why are you not a Zarathustra?” He will ask Josiah, “Why are you not a Josiah?”

You have to be yourself. And the whole society is a great imitation, a false show. That’s why there is so much discontent on every face. I look into your eyes and I see discontent, unfulfillment. Not even a small breeze comes to you that gives you happiness, ecstasy - it is not possible. And ecstasy is possible. It is a simple phenomenon: be natural and loose and follow your own inclination.

I’m here to help you to be yourself. When you become a disciple, when I initiate you, I am not initiating you to be imitators. I am just trying to help you to find your own being, your own authentic being - because you are so confused, you have so many faces that you have forgotten which is the original one. You don’t know what your real urge is. The society has confused you completely, misguided you. Now you are not certain of who you are. When I initiate you, the only thing that I want to do is to help you come to your own home. Once you are centered in your own being, my work is finished. Then you can start. In fact, a master has to undo what the society has done. A master has to undo what the culture has done. He has to make you a clean sheet again.

That’s the meaning of a master giving you a rebirth: again you become a child - your past cleaned, your slate washed. Again you come to the first point where you had entered into this world forty, fifty years ago, and the society got hold of you, trapped you, led you astray. For fifty years you have wandered and now suddenly you have come to me. I have to do only one thing: to wash clean whatsoever has been done to you, to bring you back to your childhood, to the initial stage from where you started the journey, and to help you to start the journey again.

The third question:

You said that to be impressed by someone is to become impure and unnatural. But without being impressed by your personality and words, how can a seeker become your disciple?

If you are impressed by words and personality you can never become a disciple; you will become an imitator. And a disciple is not an imitator. But I understand your trouble - you know only one way of being related, and that is, being impressed. That’s what the society has done to you. If you are impressed, you think you are related. Then you don’t know how to become a disciple. You know only how to become a student, a shadow phenomenon.