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Chapter 10: Every Buddha Enriches the Universe

These three layers are on the same ground. They are not like stories, one on top of another. They are divisions on the same plane, and they have got mixed. They have to be separated.

The fourth type is the man who has separated his being, who has given to each center its own work; otherwise everything is intermixed and nothing functions well.

Your sex center is a body center. You can fall in love with a woman, but you are a brahmin and she is a sudra, an untouchable. Emotions don’t know who is a brahmin and who is an untouchable.

A Hindu can fall in love with a woman who is a Mohammedan. Now, emotions don’t know but the reason knows that she is untouchable. The body knows nothing, the emotions are not rational, but the mind reasons it out. And the mind will immediately interfere. It will say: Look somewhere else. This woman is not for you. She is a Mohammedan and you are a Hindu. How can you marry a Mohammedan woman? Or, she is so poor and you are so rich. How can you marry such a poor woman? What will people say?

The head interferes in the emotion. Now you suppress it and you try to fall in love with a woman who is a brahmin of your own caste. Nobody can fall in love with effort. With forced effort it can at the most be a marriage, never a love affair. It will always be impotent, it won’t have that intensity.

You are continuously interfering. The body says, “I’m hungry,” but you say, “This is not the time.” When the body says, “I am not hungry,” you go on forcing food into it because you say, “This is lunch time and I have no other time so this is the time and you have to eat.”

Gurdjieff used to say that all these three centers are intermixed and that’s why you are so confused. No clarity exists in you. Everything is a confusion and a smoke. No flame exists in you. So the first thing Gurdjieff used to do was to bring each center to its own functioning.

Stop trespassing. Let the body function as the body; let the emotion function as the emotion; and let the head function as the head. And don’t allow them to interfere with each other, otherwise you will be a hodgepodge man, you won’t have a center. Then you will live in confusion and you will die in confusion. You will be a sheer wastage.

The fourth type of man comes into existence when your centers start functioning in their own territory and they don’t trespass. This takes long effort. The fourth type of man will be rare for you to find, but in some yogis and in some Sufi mystics you can find the fourth type of man. Still the fourth type exists.

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