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Chapter 10: Please Wake Up

Mohammedans, Christians, Jews, believe in only one life. There was no confusion before; that was the truth. Now it is very difficult. Even for an idiotic Christian, it is very difficult to continue to believe in one life, because millions of Hindus, millions of Buddhists, Jainas, Sikhs. Half the world is not a small matter. Half the world says there is rebirth, reincarnation. Now it is impossible not to listen to this other half, and they also have their reasonings: confusion arises.

Confusion means now you have become available to all sorts of knowledge. And when you come to me, certainly then you will be more and more confused. One day I speak on the Mohammedans, another day I speak on the Jews, another day on Buddhists, Hindus, Jainas, and I continue. I am making all secret sources of knowledge available to you. It is natural that you will become confused.

But don’t be in a hurry. Confusion is being used here as a technique, and confusion is going to become the most important technique in the coming world. Because now there is no way to move back into your tunnels and become a Hindu and blind to everything else, and become a Jew, blind to everything else; there is no way now. It is impossible for a Christian to deny Buddha, and when Buddha comes in, of course your belief in Jesus starts wavering. Even Buddhists now have to trust that Christ is also somewhere near - he may not be exactly at the center, but somewhere near. He may not be a Buddha, but is at least a bodhisattva, a Buddha potentially, very close.

But then there are troubles: then the whole of Jesus - his attitude, his approach, his philosophy, his way of life - is so contradictory to Buddha’s. Buddha sits silently under his tree, unconcerned about the world; Jesus is very much concerned, very much involved with the world. It is not just an accident that the Jews had to kill him, and it is not just an accident that Buddha was not killed by Hindus. He was not doing anything, he was just sitting under his bodhi tree, meditating. But Jesus was meddling with the social affairs, the politics, organization, society, church, religion. He was going to destroy the whole structure, he was a revolutionary - he had to be killed.

Now there is Jesus, there is Buddha, there is Krishna. Krishna is another dimension: Buddha is sitting under his tree, Krishna is playing on his flute. You cannot imagine Buddha playing on a flute. Jesus is hanging on the cross, and Krishna is dancing with so many girlfriends. Such diverse dimensions have become available together; now you are confused.

But to me, confusion is more valuable than certainty. Certainty is mediocre, certainty is stupid. Certainty simply means that you don’t know. Only a person who is very ignorant can be certain.

Once it happened: Somebody was talking to Voltaire and he mentioned a name, the name of a very famous theologian, philosopher, and the man who was talking about this theologian said to Voltaire, “He knows everything!”

Voltaire looked surprised and said, “Is he so stupid as to know everything?”

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