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Chapter 34: Rocks, the Earth.They Are All Alive

I heard you say that if a person can remember his birth and being in the womb, then the memory of his last death may come. I have tried to remember, but only imagination is there. I also heard you say that it is not possible to remember beyond three to four years old because the baby has no mind.

Is there a remembrance that is not of the mind?

There is no remembrance that is not of the mind, but you don’t know the whole mind. When you are trying to remember, you are using only the conscious mind, and the conscious mind can go only up to the age of four. But below the conscious is the unconscious mind.

Sometimes in your dreams you go deeper than the conscious mind can ever lead you. Many of your dreams are memories of your past lives, but you have no way to recognize that they are of a past life. So there is a special method which is something like hypnosis. It can be done by somebody else to you - which is simpler because you can relax completely, and he can lead you deeper into the past life.

In hypnosis.or in Buddhist or Jaina terminology, because they discovered the method first, it is called jati-smaran: remembering the past lives. In hypnosis, you don’t hear anybody else except the person who has hypnotized you. He can talk to you, you can answer him, yet you will remain fast asleep, you will not come to the conscious mind. So only in hypnosis can your unconscious be communicated with, can be asked questions. This can be repeated again and again, and if the same fact comes up without exception, the same memory comes up, the same story comes up, then certainly it is not imagination.

Another thing.through hypnosis the other person can reach you, but not through your conscious mind - because in whatever the conscious mind does there is an effort and tension, and that prevents the unconscious mind from surfacing. The conscious mind has to be completely relaxed so the unconscious can surface. In hypnosis it is better to begin with someone else. It is such a simple method that anyone can do it - it does not need any expertise. I will tell you about the method, how you can help each other.

When you have become a good medium, so that you can slip very easily into the unconscious, then finally the unconscious can be told that you are able to reach your past lives. It can be given a certain symbol to avoid the conscious mind completely. For example, it can be told that if you repeat, “Om, om, om,” three times, you will fall into hypnosis. Before using this mantra - anything can be used, “One, two, three,” it doesn’t matter, the words are not significant - before doing it, you have to tell your conscious mind, “Wake me up after ten minutes.” The other person can also do the same, but it is easier for you because you are not doing anything. Once you have been able to go into deeper layers of your past life or past lives, the other person can tell the unconscious, “This is your mantra: one, two, three. And whenever I say it, you will fall into an unconscious state.” But remember to tell the conscious to wake you; otherwise, who will wake you out of unconsciousness? It can become a coma.

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