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Chapter 42: Everybody Is Enough

I understand you to have said that in hypnosis one’s problems can be worked out on an unconscious level, and that this method has the advantage over psychotherapy in that it can cover a lot more ground in a far shorter time.

Is it necessary merely for the contents of the unconscious to surface during hypnosis, or does the conscious mind need to be made aware of those contents for the clearing to be complete?

The conscious mind has to be made aware; otherwise there will be no change. The contents of the unconscious mind are repressed by the conscious mind. To reverse the process, they have to be brought back to the conscious mind, and the conscious mind has to express them instead of repressing them.

Because of repression they had gone into the unconscious; unless the reverse process of expression is there, they will remain. They can be available to the hypnotists, but the conscious mind does not know about it. For the conscious mind they are still repressed, and it is only through the conscious mind that they have a way to go out of your being.

From the unconscious mind directly, there is no door. A contact can be made, but there is no way for any content to go out of the unconscious mind directly; first it has to come to the conscious mind. It is just like your main gate. You have entered from the main gate. If you want to go out you will have to go to the main gate; otherwise you will remain confined.

The deeper you go into the unconscious mind, the thicker the walls become. The collective unconscious mind has even thicker walls, and the cosmic unconscious mind is almost unapproachable. It is very difficult even for the hypnotist to find out what is hidden there. For the first time the unconscious mind’s contents are released through the conscious mind, bringing them to the notice of the conscious mind - not only to the notice, but the recognition, acceptance and expression. That’s why I said it should be recorded as a proof; otherwise the conscious mind will deny it.

If you say to somebody, “You want to marry your mother,” the conscious mind will simply deny it, “It is all nonsense - what are you saying? I have never thought about it.” And he is right, he has never thought about it. But his mother was the first woman in his life, and he loved her and he got her love, and he has been jealous of his father since then. That’s why every society has made it a discipline to respect your father. That is just to prevent the natural tendency of being jealous and disrespectful.

And every society has made it a point that you cannot even be allowed to think that you would like to love your mother; even to think of it, you will feel that you are just being mad. But there was a day in your childhood when you had longed for it. Slowly, slowly you repressed it; it was not allowable.

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