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Chapter 8: There Is Nothing More Pure than Sex

The conscious mind is divided into two: thinking, feeling. The thinking part is very much developed at the cost of the feeling part. The reason part is very much developed at the cost of the intuition part. If you are a man then your male part is very much developed, your female part is not developed at all. And without the female part you are never whole.

The Fischer-Hoffman Process is to shift your focus from the thinking part to the feeling part - a move from logic to dreaming, a move from the day part to the night part. It is very simple. If you become passive, if you relax, if you start visualizing, if you start looking for a dream, if you start living a reverie, you change shifts. It is just like changing a gear in the car. The thinking part is tired too because it is the very much used part, so when you want to change it to the non-thinking part it is always ready. That’s why to dream much in the night gives you a balance. In the day you use the thinking part, it becomes tired, it goes to sleep in the night and the dreaming part - which has not become tired at all, you have not used it starts functioning. What exists in dreams is used in Fischer-Hoffman therapy. It is beautiful, it is scientific.

If you start looking for a guide, you will find a guide in the intuition part. Richard Lee has found a guide and he calls the guide “she.” Naturally, when men look for the guide, the guide will come in the form of the woman - and when a woman looks for the guide, the guide will come in the form of a man. The denied part will assert. So the guide is nothing but your feminine part.

But the Process is confined to the conscious mind. From conscious thinking you have moved towards conscious dreaming, but remember, it is as much in the conscious as the thinking was. It supplements, it complements, but there is no radical change. And deep down it will follow the same pattern that the thinking part has laid down - it will follow the same map. Maybe on the surface you think it is not following the same map but it will follow the same map. There is no other map.

Your thinking mind is afraid of taking sannyas. This fear has been communicated to the feeling mind. The feeling mind is just behind it. Any vibration that goes deep into you reaches to the other part too. If you are doing a mathematical problem it may not - but even that can go if you are very much concerned about it. If it is a life-and-death question then the problem will go deeper into the intuitive part and sometimes the answer will come from there. If you are in love, the love will sink into the deeper part. If you are afraid, the same will happen with the fear.

Richard Lee is a professor, a very rational man. His fear has entered into the feminine part. Now he asks his guide. He will close his eyes, he will move from the active to the passive, from the left hemisphere to the right hemisphere. He will even visualize the guide, he will call forth the guide and he will follow the guide and ask the guide. This guide is nothing but your shadow, Richard Lee. It is your fear, it is your love, it is your life, it is your death. It is you reflected very deeply.

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