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Chapter 3: The Sun of Consciousness

My beloved ones.

I have told you the first sutra of yoga: that life is energy, and that there are two dimensions of this energy - existence and non-existence. And I have told you another sutra of yoga: that existence also has two dimensions - conscious and unconscious.

Now we will discuss the seventh sutra:

Consciousness also has two dimensions - the self-conscious and the self-unconscious..

.A consciousness that is aware of its isness and a consciousness that is not aware of its isness.

If we think of life as an immense tree, the life energy of the tree is one. This is the trunk. Then the tree divides into two branches: existence and non-existence. We have left out non-existence, we have not discussed it because it is not concerned with yoga. Then existence also branches into two: the conscious and the unconscious. We have also left the unconscious out of the discussion because this too has no concern with yoga. Consciousness also branches into two: the self-conscious, and the self-unconscious. It is very important to understand the difference between the two in this seventh sutra.

What I have said up until now was a preparation for the understanding of this seventh sutra on which I will talk to you today. From this sutra the process of yoga’s discipline begins. Hence it will be helpful to understand this sutra rightly.

There are plants, birds, animals; they are all conscious but they do not have the awareness of their consciousness. They are conscious and yet unconscious as well. They are there, life is there, consciousness is there, but they are not aware of their isness.

Then there is man; he too is there, the same as the animals, birds and plants, but he is also aware of his isness. One more new dimension is added to his consciousness: that he is also self-conscious. He also knows that he is conscious. Just being conscious is not enough for being a man. There is a condition for being a man: that one is aware that one is conscious. This is the only difference between man and the animals. Animals are also conscious but they are unaware of their consciousness.

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