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Chapter 28: Living without any Tomorrow

No, I don’t have any moral code. All moral codes are inventions of different societies in different geographies in different situations, but there is no moral code which is universal.

So I don’t teach any moral code, because what is moral today may become immoral tomorrow; what is immoral today may become moral tomorrow. So I don’t teach a code that fixes people with the past. I give them insight - to see, to be clear, to be aware, to be conscious - so that they can find what is good, what is bad, in each situation without any code.

My people are not living according to any code, any doctrine, any creed. They are living according to their consciousness. And the whole effort is how to raise your consciousness higher and higher. So to me there is only one morality, and that is being a conscious being. And then act out of it. You cannot act wrongly.

The perception outside of Rajneeshpuram is that what you’re teaching amounts to anarchy - maybe a pleasant sort of anarchy. Would you agree with that definition?

That is absolutely wrong. Anarchy is a reaction against what the governments have done to man. It is not a revolution. It is simply a reaction, and you cannot live by reactions. For example, the founder of anarchy, Prince Kropotkin, simply wants all the governments to be dissolved immediately. That is stupid, because man is not capable of coping - even with all the courts, all the police, all the army and the whole hierarchy of government. Man is criminal, man is a murderer, man is a rapist - so this is a stupid idea, to dissolve all the governments.

My idea is not for anarchy - that is not my goal - but to create better individuals. Finally, perhaps, one day we will have so many conscious individuals on the earth that there will be no need of any government. But I am not preaching anarchy.

In that case, for your followers who are dealing under current forms of government, how do you counsel them to deal with the laws of the land? Do you urge them to perform civil disobedience where they see it necessary?

No. We fight the government, the government agencies - and we follow their rules, because we are playing their game. And we can play the game better than they are playing. In four years we have proved to them how stupid they are. Laws are made by them, rules are made by them, but we can find loopholes in their laws and loopholes in their rules. And we are going to be here, and are going to fight to the ultimate end.

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