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Chapter 4: Freedom Not Licentiousness


Come back, but come back with the awareness.

Come back followed by the buddha.

Sit for a few moments, silently, just to remember to what space you have been, what beauty you have experienced, what silence, what splendor, because this is your essential being.

Except this, everything will be taken away from you. But your essential being cannot be taken away even by death.

And we are here only to learn that which cannot be destroyed even by death - the immortal, the eternal.

It is only a question of remembrance, a forgotten language remembered again.

And keep on remembering all the day along. Act the way a conscious person acts. Doing ordinary things: chopping wood or carrying water from the well, do it as if the buddha is doing it himself.

And what I am saying to you is not a philosophical statement, it is the experience of thousands of buddhas.

To find the essential in you is the Manifesto of Zen.