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Chapter 4: Hatha Yoga and Hypnosis

The same thing happened in India with yoga. India developed a very subtle technology for inner development; it was an inner science. Once the development came to a peak it became a danger to everything - because if the whole mind of a country becomes concentrated on yoga, everything else is bound to suffer.

India reached a peak of affluence, then it became poor. This was a logical conclusion, because if there is too much concern with the inner world, you are bound to become poor. You are not concerned with outward progress, the whole balance is lost; you become introverted. And once the whole society becomes introverted, outward conditions begin to deteriorate. Because of this inwardness, the whole progress of the country stopped. Then, finally, people began to oppose this over-concern with inwardness.

Since the time of Buddha, India has not discovered anything new in terms of inner growth. Nothing is new since then; it has just been a repetition. And when it comes to bringing these same things to the West, there is a big gap - a tremendous gap.

For the West, many new things have to be done, many new things have to be conceived of and experimented with. I myself am trying many things. To me, the first thing that is needed is a catharsis. A catharsis releases everything inside you that is wrong, everything that is suppressed inside. You throw out all your suppressions, releasing them. Now, many new things have to be added to the traditional methods. A two thousand year gap is there, and this catharsis, to me, is the most important thing that has to be added. First, your body must go through a renewal.

When something becomes suppressed in the body, you are not aware of it. It goes into the unconscious, it is never conscious. The body is run by the unconscious mind not the conscious mind. The whole mechanism of the body is nonvoluntary.

You cannot feel whether your fingers have accumulated anger in them because if you could feel it, it would be difficult to live. Your fingers would feel so burdened that they would pull you down to earth. There is a natural mechanism that allows you not to feel the suppressed anger in your fingers. You must not feel it, you must forget it is there. It becomes part of the structure of the body, but the mind has no awareness of it.

The mind becomes aware of something in the body only when something has gone wrong. For example, ordinarily you cannot feel that your blood is moving, but if you break a vein and the blood flows out of it, you can feel the movement of the blood. It has only been three hundred years since man has discovered that blood circulates. Before that we did not know that blood circulates because it could not be felt. Circulation is never felt. It is not a conscious thing; the body simply goes on doing it.

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