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Chapter 34: Rocks, the Earth.They Are All Alive

It is easy to recognize when you have come to the point where you are on the border of conscious and unconscious: your face changes; it starts looking sleepy, it loses the quality of awakening, and at that moment the master says, “Sleep is coming.deep sleep is coming.you are falling into a sleep which you have never fallen into before.” And a moment comes when even if you try to keep your eyes open.. You have been told that until your eyes close by themselves, in spite of yourself, go on keeping them open. That keeps the conscious mind engaged.

Soon - it takes two minutes, three minutes, at the most five minutes - your eyes start drooping. That means you are just crossing the border. The master says, “You are falling, and I will count up to seven. With each number you will be going deeper.” He starts counting, “One.” and goes on repeating, “the sleep is becoming deeper. Two.the sleep is becoming deeper. Three..” And at seven he stops it. At seven he says, “You have fallen into deep unconsciousness. Now you will be available only to me; you will not hear anything else, anybody else. Now the only communication with the world is through me; you will be able to hear me, you will be able to answer me..”

And the beauty of the unconscious is that it never lies, because it has never been part of civilization. It has never been educated, it has never been turned into a hypocrite; it is very simple, very innocent. It simply says whatsoever is the case. Then for a few seconds the master leaves you, so that you can settle into that state. And then he starts asking you where you are. Perhaps you are in the womb of your mother, perhaps you have been conceived, perhaps you are dying in a past life somewhere. And you will answer where you are. He asks, “Describe it in detail,” and you will describe it in detail. This can be taped, recorded, so that when you come back you can listen to it.

The process has to be repeated many times, because this is the proof: if it is imagination or dream it will go on changing every time you do it, but if it is a reality then nothing can be done about it. Each time you come to that place you will describe exactly what it is. And all that you say can be recorded, so that the recordings can be compared later on when you are conscious. If you are saying the same thing again and again it is not a dream, it is not imagination; you are coming across a real memory. You are reliving it; it is not only remembered, but relived.

Once you have succeeded in getting one life back, then with the same process you can go on deeper, into other lives. There will come a barrier where human lives stop and animal lives start: that means you have come to the collective unconscious.

Now the master needs to put you in an even deeper unconsciousness, and that can be done in your unconscious state. The first thing was done when you were conscious; it brought you to the unconscious. The second step has to be done in the same way: “I will repeat seven times that you are falling deeper into the collective unconscious, and you will start falling.” Giving a little rest, he can again ask where you are, and you may say, “I am a rosebush,” or anything else that you have been. You relive it; you can make every detailed description. Again the barrier will come when you pass from animals, from plants, to what you call matter - because matter is also consciousness, fast asleep.

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