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Chapter 16: Beyond the Sin of Unconsciousness

The third day the thief came back and he said, “Fifteen days are too long, and you are a very tricky fellow. You have given me such a technique that if I am fully conscious I cannot steal. The last three nights continuously I have been to the palace. I reached the treasury, I opened it, precious things were before me, but then I became fully conscious. And the moment I become fully conscious, I became like a Buddha statue. I could not proceed further; my hand would not move, and the whole treasury seemed useless. So I have been going back there again and again. What am I to do? And you said that leaving my profession was not a condition, but your method seems to have a built-in process.”

Nagarjuna said, “Do not come to me again. Now you can choose. If you want to go on stealing, forget meditation. If you want meditation, then forget stealing. You can choose.” The thief said, “You have put me in a dilemma. For these three days I have known that I am alive. And when I came back without taking anything from the palace, for the first time I felt that I was a sovereign, not a thief. These three days have been so blissful that now I cannot leave meditation. You have tricked me; now initiate me and make me your disciple. There is no need to go on trying, three days are enough.”

Whatsoever may be the object, if you are conscious it becomes meditation. Try identification consciously - it becomes meditation. Unconsciously, it is a great sin.

You are all identified with many things: “This is mine, that is mine.” You are identified! “This is my country, this is my nation, this is my national flag.” If someone throws your national flag you become furious - what is he doing? You have no nation and all national flags are myths. It is good to play with them like children do; they are toys. But you can murder and be murdered for them, and countries can be created and destroyed for insulting a national flag. And it is just a piece of cloth.

What is happening? You are identified with it. That identification is unconscious. Unconsciousness is sin.

Enough for today.