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Chapter 5: Allow the Heart

Sheela, that’s precisely its purpose - to scare you to death.

To tell you the truth, to me, all people are right people. I have never come across a wrong person. I have no judgment. How can I decide who is right, who is wrong? Who am I to decide who is right, who is wrong? I am a nonjudgmental consciousness. So when I talk about choosing the right people, that is just to scare you. It is a device.

That will help to make you more alert.

I frighten you many times because that is the only way I can help you to become more conscious. Only in fear are you a little less sleepy. When I simply put a naked sword on your chest, then you open your eyes and say, “What is the matter?” Otherwise you are fast asleep and snoring.

And Sheela is one of the most asleep. Even here she goes on sleeping. One thing is good about her: she does not snore, because that is bad - that disturbs other people’s sleep!

Enough for today