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Chapter 43: The Blessed Ones

A meditator travels upwards: first to the super-conscious mind, then the collective super-conscious mind, and then cosmic super-conscious mind.

This whole rainbow is not available to your so-called psychologists. So whatever they are doing is very fragmentary. And remember one thing: a fragmentary truth is far more dangerous then a lie. A half-truth is worse than a lie, because the lie cannot go on pretending to be true for long; sooner or later you are going to discover it. But the half-truth is dangerous: you can go on believing that this is the whole truth forever. You can be deceived by it.

And the second thing to remember: truth cannot be divided. So the half-truth is again a very beautifully systematized lie.

Just as you cannot have a half-circle - or can you? Verbally there is no problem, but if you look at it closely, a circle can only be complete. The half-circle is not a circle, it is only an arc. Unless it is full, it cannot be called a circle. There are no other kinds of circles, there is only one kind: the full circle.

The same is the case with truth. You cannot have half-truths; they become far more dangerous, poisonous than straightforward lies. And whatever the psychologists are doing is nothing but stretching small fragments to absurdity in order to make them look like the full truth, the whole truth.

I say to you again, only the awakened one, the buddha, can give you a total vision of psychology.

Western psychologists say that meditation is a subjective phenomenon and therefore much psychological research is not possible. Do you agree?

I do not agree, because no research is possible. You are saying, “Much psychological research is not possible.” That’s why I do not agree.

Man’s interiority, his subjectivity, cannot be trespassed. There is no way to make it an object of study. Research is absolutely impossible - even search has not been done, and you are thinking of research.

Man can experience his subjectivity on his own, but he cannot invite a researcher to go into him and to find out who he is. This is, by nature, impossible. And it is very fortunate that it is impossible - that your subjectivity, at least, is always private, always your freedom. No trespass is possible.

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