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Chapter 2: Discovering Your Own Path

That’s why sleep is needed so much. The real need is not for sleep itself, it is only for your absence. You must be absent for some time so that your nonvoluntary mechanisms can work unhindered. “You” are a hindrance. With your conscious mind, you are not helping the flow of life; you just create obstacles. So you need to fall totally into the unconscious for one third of your life, otherwise you cannot live.

The unconscious can live without your conscious mind, but your conscious mind cannot live without the unconscious. If you are deprived of sleep even for a single week, you will go mad. And this madness is happening because your conscious mind has been interfering constantly for one week; there was no gap for the unconscious to do the real work of living, the real source work.

And even when you are not asleep, your conscious mind is not working constantly. It is only for the moments that you need it; otherwise the unconscious is working. Really, only in emergency situations is your conscious mind needed. You are on the street and you feel that an accident is going to happen. Only then, for a single moment, your conscious mind works.

So only for moments is your conscious mind needed. Otherwise you are working unconsciously, the whole behavior pattern is unconscious. You may rationalize it, you may justify it, but all justifications are “after justifications” - after the fact, when the thing has happened.

I have fallen in love with someone, then I rationalize why I love. The phenomenon comes first, then comes the whole rationalizing process. Then I say, “Because you are beautiful, because you are so-and-so, I have fallen in love.” Afterwards, it appears as if it has been a thinking phenomenon; when you think afterwards, you say, “You are so, therefore I have fallen in love.” The real thing is quite the contrary: I have fallen in love unconsciously, and now, consciously, I rationalize it. It is not because you are beautiful that I have fallen in love with you, rather on the contrary, you seem to be beautiful, you appear to be beautiful, because I have fallen in love. Love has come first, then comes the justification.

So not even when you are awake, is your conscious mind working; the unconscious goes on working. What I am trying to point out is this: that the conscious mind is only a security measure, a safety measure. When you are in an emergency, when something dangerous is happening around you - something new in the sense that the unconscious cannot comprehend it, cannot do anything about it. Because the conscious comes from the past, it can only work through the known. Anything unknown, then your conscious mind is needed for a single moment. It is an emergency measure.

This conscious mind tries to solve existential problems, but this it cannot do; this is impossible. It is not meant for this. Of course it can go on speculating, it can verbalize, it can create systems, it can create logical inferences, it can appear to have solved the problem, but the problem remains the same; it has not even been touched.

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