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Chapter 9: Experience: The Heart of the Matter

It is a conscious work. It is a conscious creation of a tradition. There is more possibility that more people will be benefited by it. But I am not saying that nothing will go wrong; that risk has to be taken. Life is always a risk. You say something and the risk is there: somebody may understand wrongly, somebody may interpret in some other sense. The moment you speak, that risk is there. That risk has to be accepted, that is part of the whole game of life, that is the challenge.

So Prem Dassana, you say, “I fear that I am participating in the creation of a tradition.” There is no need to be afraid. It is exactly what is happening. Either participate in it consciously, or get out of it. It is going to be a tradition. It is going to be one of the most consciously created traditions. But if you are afraid too much, afraid of those ninety-nine things and you are not interested in the one percent, then please get out of it. There is no need to be getting into unnecessary trouble. Be free of it.

And I want to sort my people out, because I would like to work only on those who are really with me. I would not like to waste my time and energy on those who are only here so-so, lukewarm, by the way, accidental. Up to now I have been giving sannyas to everybody and anybody who comes, but soon it will not be so. I will start choosing, and I will help people who are sannyasins but are not really sannyasins to drop it. I don’t want any unnecessary luggage to be carried. I want only those who are really here, totally here. And those people are here.

A few are here who are not totally here; they will have to be dropped. It is better that they themselves disappear. Otherwise I will have to make arrangements to drop them, although I always make arrangements in such a way that the dropper feels that he has done the dropping.

Enough for today