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Chapter 5: Her Only Companion Is Her Own Being

No duality, no enmity.
Sahajo says: One is without desire.
In a state of contentment and purity,
There is no dependence on the other.

When asleep, one is in the empty sky of the divine;
When awake, one remembers the divine.
Whatever one says are divine words.
One practices desireless devotion.

One is ever-drenched in love,
Intoxicated in one’s own being.
Sahajo says: One sees without discriminating,
No one is a beggar or a king.

The sage is alone, no need for company,
Her only companion is her own being,
She lives in the bliss of awakening,
She drinks the juice of her own self-nature.

The dead are unhappy, the living are unhappy,
The hungry are unhappy, the well-fed are unhappy.
Sahajo says: The sage alone is blissful,
She has found the eternal joy.

Let us begin with a small story. It is a story from the Hassids.

An emperor had an only son - a drunkard, a gambler, he went to prostitutes. The emperor was worried. He tried to persuade him in every way, but it didn’t work. In despair, as a last effort, the emperor sent him into exile so that perhaps this would bring him to his senses. The emperor thought that he would repent, that he would come back and apologize, but nothing like that happened. His son went away and did not return again. He wandered around the boundaries of the empire. Finally, he sought shelter in a pub.

He was the son of an emperor, he had the potential for leadership, so he was no ordinary member of the pub. He soon became the leader. He was lost for twenty-four hours a day in gambling, alcohol and prostitutes.

The old emperor waited for years but his son did not return. When the emperor was counting his last days he became very worried and distressed, so he sent one of his ministers to bring his son back. He said, “However he is, it is better to have him here. After my death he will inherit all this. He is a drunkard, let him be so. Perhaps after my death he will understand. Perhaps he may become a little conscious after becoming the ruler of this empire.”

The minister went in his royal dress, sitting in a golden chariot - he was the messenger of the emperor. But the emperor’s son paid no attention to him. He tried hard, but he was not successful in even catching his attention. He returned defeated.

The emperor then asked his second minister to go.

The second minister thought that the way the first minister made his approach by keeping such a great distance was a mistake. He had gone in a golden chariot to persuade a beggar! The distance was too much, communication was not possible.

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