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Chapter 6: If You Can Get It, Get It

But America I love, and I will continue to love. And the day I can enter America.because right now the American government has prevented me from entering the country for five years - after five years, if I am alive, the first thing I am going to do is to enter America.

I have so many lovers there, so many friends, so many sympathizers. And what the government of America has done to me, has created a tremendous love and sympathy for me in the people of America.

Questions from Nieuwe Revue, Holland.

Please comment on these statements: “Survival of the fittest,” and “You are what you eat.”

“Survival of the fittest” appears to be true, but only to the superficial eye, because man is not the strongest animal on the earth.

Why he has survived, and destroyed other animals, is not his fitness, his strength, his power, but his intelligence. So I would like to change it to survival of the conscious.

Now we are facing a world crisis. If man does not prove conscious enough, then he is going to disappear from the earth. He proved more conscious than the animals; now he has to prove more intelligent and conscious than the politicians. These are the real animals now.

And if man can prove himself more conscious, more alert, more aware, then many things can disappear immediately. For example, the nations are all artificial. The earth is one. All the boundaries of the nations are fake; they are only on the map. If man is more alert and more aware, the first thing to be done is to dissolve all the nations.

Let the world be one. One world is the only guarantee, that there is not going to be any more war.

If man is conscious and aware, he can see that the essential religion is one. Only rituals differ, and rituals are meaningless. Drop the rituals and save the essential religion. Then Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism - all will come to the same point: the inquiry of your interiority, the inward journey.

If we can let the boundaries of nations disappear and the boundaries of religion disappear if the world can be one world and religion can be without any adjective - just a quality, religiousness - we will have survived the greatest danger that is facing us.

A divided humanity - in religions - in nations is going to destroy itself. We need an undivided, one humanity. Anything that divides has to be dropped; it is against our survival.

And the second proverb, “you are what you eat,” is certainly true.

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