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Chapter 2: Osho Talks on His Work and Vision

Just as Freud’s conscious mind, unconscious mind, and Jung says collective unconscious mind, I say there is a superconscious mind and collective conscious mind. To reach to the collective conscious mind they are going to the roots and I am going to the flowers.

But they’re all interconnected and all the devices and matters are to discover in you, something which is simply watchfulness.

For example, I can watch my body - certainly I’m not the body. I can watch my hand: it’s hurting, but I’m not the hurt - I’m the watcher. I can watch my thoughts, then I’m not the thought. I’m the watcher and I can watch even the watcher. That is the moment beyond which you cannot go and enlightenment comes.

Enlightenment is simply that you become so conscious, so full of light, that it starts overflowing your life, your being. You can impart it.

There have been many things written by you, and about you. I haven’t had time to research everything that I have read... I’m going to read some things to you and I merely want you to confirm whether or not you said this. Would you do that for me? Do you understand?


Okay, now I think this is an exact quote that occurred in July of 1979 from you Book of the Books: “This ashram is only a launching pad on a small scale. I am experimenting. The new commune will be on a big scale - 10,000 sannyasins living together as one body, one being. Nobody will possess anything, everybody will use, everybody will enjoy. Everybody is going to live as comfortably, as richly, as we can manage, but nobody will possess anything.” Did you say that?

Yes, I said it.

Do you remember?

We have already started those communes in the world. Now we have communes: two communes in Italy and one in Sicily, one in England, two in Holland, two in Germany, one in France, one in Japan, one in India, one in Nepal and in many other countries.

Do you consider these one commune?

They are separate communes.

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