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Chapter 5: The Ultimate Evolution of Mind

He was a talented person, a good teacher. And in the university he was a laughingstock wherever he would go. Whoever would see him walking was bound to laugh - “Look at this man!” He was given psychoanalytic treatment, he was taken to other therapists; nothing worked. Somebody suggested me. His parents brought him to me and I said, “Do one thing. In front of me, consciously, try to walk like a woman.”

He said, “What are you saying? That is my problem!”

I said, “You forget the problem. You simply walk in front of me, with full consciousness, with as much grace as possible, like a woman.”

He looked at his parents. He said, “Where have you brought me? I want to get rid of it, and this man seems to be a trainer!”

But the parents said, “There is no harm, just try. Who knows? He has some secret idea behind it - you try.”

Forced, he tried - and he could not walk like a woman because now he was trying to walk consciously. He was surprised, he could not believe it. He said, “My whole life I was trying not to walk like a woman but it was an unconscious effort.because people were laughing.”

I told him, “If you want to get rid of it, wherever you go remember: you have to walk consciously like a woman. In the university, in the city, in any club - wherever you go, walk consciously like a woman.”

After three years he met me and he said, “In these three years it has not happened. I have been trying my best.”

I said, “Go on trying, because in that very effort is your alertness.”

People come to me - they want to drop smoking and they have tried thousands of times. And again, after a few hours the urge is so much their whole body, their whole nervous system is asking for the nicotine. Then they forget all the religious teachings that “You will fall into hell.” They are ready, because who knows whether hell exists or not? But right now they can’t live in this hell; they can’t think of anything else but cigarettes.

I have told these people, “Don’t stop smoking. Smoke consciously, lovingly, gracefully; enjoy it as much as you can. While you are destroying your lungs, why not destroy them as beautifully and gracefully as possible? And these are your lungs; it is nobody else’s business. And I promise you there is no hell - because you have not harmed anybody, you have just harmed yourself; and you have paid for it. You are not stealing cigarettes, you are paying for them. Why should you go to hell? You are suffering already.”

Somebody is suffering from tuberculosis. The doctors are telling somebody, “You stop; otherwise cancer is absolutely certain to happen to you, you are preparing the ground.” What more hell? But when you have decided to do it and when you cannot restrain yourself from doing it, then do it aesthetically, consciously, religiously. They will listen to me and will think, “This man must be mad. What is he saying - religiously?”

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