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Chapter 27: There Is Nothing to Do

I understand your situation. This was your first group, so Primal will help you - it goes into the past(.

It is there, and you cannot just forget it. It has to be consciously removed, and consciously dropped. You do the Primal, mm? You can forget about the past, but it will go on hanging in the shadow, manipulating you in millions of ways. But you never become aware; you remain a puppet.


Please give me a new name. It doesn’t feel right anymore. This morning I woke up and it felt old, like a skin hanging around me.

Mm, that’s very good, it has been a good experience.

You are not the name. Every name is just a utility, a label to be used; otherwise you are nameless. So I can give you another name, but after two days it will become old. Once it is given, it is already old. It has been a very good experience, because now you know that you are not the name.

I feel young now, I(

I understand. You will feel younger and younger. But it will become difficult to change the name again and again. Others will start coming, and I’m already short of names!