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Chapter 9: Mind Is a Fraud

Beware of the anger of the mind.

And finally, slowly, first the body, then the word, then the mind.

Master your thoughts.
Let them serve truth.

The wise have mastered
body, word and mind

They are the true masters.

If you can watch the body, the mind and all their functioning, you will become so separate from them that you can master them. You can master something only when you have a distance from it. If you are identified with it you cannot master it. And Buddha says one who is master of his own self is the master of the whole existence; he has entered into a different plane of life. You are slaves, he is a master; you are machines, he is a real man; you function unconsciously, he functions consciously.

And to function consciously is to go beyond all sorrow, is to go beyond all misery, is to go beyond all anguish, is to go into the beyond. Other religions call that beyond “God”; Buddha calls it simply “the beyond.” Prepare for the beyond; become masters of your own beings.

Enough for today.