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Chapter 9: Deaf, Dumb, and Blind

I once stayed with a family and I was sitting with the man of the house, my host, when the son came in, a small child, and he asked his father if he would answer a few questions. The father said, “I am engaged; you go and ask your mother.”

The child said, “But I don’t want to know that much! Because if she starts talking there is no end to it, and I have to do my homework - and I don’t want to know that much!”

People go on talking and talking and talking and without knowing why they are talking - for what? What is there to convey? It is just to hide their dumbness. People go on moving from here to there, from this town to that; they go on traveling, and go for holidays to the Himalayas and to Switzerland - why all this traveling, moving? They want to feel they are alive.

But movement is not life. Of course life has a very deep movement, but movement is not life. You can go on moving from one town to another, and you can cover the whole earth, but that movement is not life. Life is of course a very subtle movement - the movement from one state of consciousness to another.

When people get stuck they start moving outwardly. Now the American has become the bona fide traveler; he travels all over the world from this corner to that - because the American consciousness is stuck somewhere so badly that if you remain in one place you will feel you have gone dead. So move! Move from one wife to another, move from one job to another, move from one neighborhood to another, move from one town to another - never in the history of man has this happened. In America the average time for a person to stay in a town is three years; people move on within three years - and this is just the average, there are people who are moving every month. They go on changing - dresses, cars, houses, wives, husbands - everything.

I have heard that once one Hollywood actress was introducing her child to a new husband. She said, “Now, meet your new father.”

The child said, “Hello, I am happy to meet you! Would you like to give me your signature in my visitors’ book?” - because he had met so many new fathers.

Everything has to be changed just to feel that you are alive. A hectic search for life. Of course, life is a movement, but not from one place to another; it is a movement from one state to another. It is a deep inward movement from one consciousness to another consciousness, to the higher realms of being. Otherwise you are dead. As you are, you are dead. Hence Jesus goes on saying, “Listen! - if you have ears. See! - if you have eyes.” This has to be understood first, then this story will become easier.

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