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Chapter 10: Philosophical Bastards

Assagioli tries synthesis. Synthesis is always dead. You have accepted the division, you have accepted that East is East and West is West and now you try to synthesize. You have accepted the very premise of the division. That is where Assagioli goes wrong. Don’t accept the premise. Destroy the premise and then see into the reality. East is not East and West is not West - they are both, they are together. In each man the West exists and the East exists - the West is the male part and the East is the feminine part. And the unity has not to be done in some philosophical way, the unity has to be done existentially within each man.

When you are praying you are Eastern, when you are meditating you are Eastern; when you are fighting you are Western, when you are competing you are Western. Whenever the male part becomes assertive you are in the West. These are not geographical divisions. Wherever you are, if your male part remains dominant you are a Western man or a Western woman. Wherever you are, if your feminine part, the softer part, remains dominant, if you remain flowing like water and you are not hard like rock, then you are Eastern. And each man can be both. Yes, the water can also become frozen and rock-like and the rocks can also melt.

To me, the synthesis has to happen in each individual, each single individual; it has to happen in the heart. And “synthesis” is not the right word for it. It is the discovery of the pure unity before you had ever thought that East and West, man and woman, yin and yang, are separate. It is to fall into that chaos, into that unity where things are one. They are still one deep inside you but you don’t go to that depth, you don’t touch that depth, that is true. You remain on the surface. All divisions are on the surface. If you go deep within yourself, the first meeting - if you are a man - will be with the man, the second meeting will be with the woman, and the third meeting will be with something that transcends both. That is the real thing.

The second question:

What is the difference between philosophy, psychology and religion?

Consciousness can go either out or in; these are the two ways available for consciousness. When consciousness goes out, it thinks above the object, the other, the thou. When consciousness tomes in, thinking disappears - because there is no other, no object. It falls into subjectivity.

When consciousness goes out, philosophy is erected. Philosophy is thinking about objects. Philosophy is extra version. When consciousness goes in, it forgets all about objects, it starts enjoying the being of subjectivity, of inferiority. You are simply there enjoying the very fact of being alive, the very fact of being conscious. No object is these, you are pure subjectivity. No thought is there, you are pure consciousness.

Extra version is philosophy, introversion is psychology and transcendence of both is religion.

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