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Chapter 12: Mind Is the Whole Problem

“Just if she comes to your bed and uncovers your face, don’t be afraid because she is a very innocent woman; she has never harmed anyone. She just looks at your face, and finding that it is not her husband, she throws the blanket on your face and goes away. And before she comes you will hear the grinding of the teeth.”

She said, “My God! This is a dangerous house - and I have stayed so many times. Perhaps I was asleep when she came. But now I cannot sleep.”

I said, “Try; go and sleep.” Nearabout one she went into the room inside, and the moment she went there and put her light off, a great coincidence: she heard the teeth grinding and she shrieked.

I rushed in. Everybody woke up: “What has happened?” And she was flat on the ground; she could not even reach the bed! She was flat on the ground, unconscious.

And they all said, “We have been telling you not to create such stories which have no foundation at all. Now it is your duty, your responsibility to take care of her. First bring her to consciousness.”

I said, “I will try, but I don’t think that she is going to come to consciousness so easily. It is going to take time. And even if she comes, she will go back again.”

They said, “But what have you said to her?”

I said, “Tomorrow morning I will tell you the whole story when she is okay.”

I tried, I threw cold water in her eyes. She came to consciousness and just showed me the corner: “She is standing there!” And again she gave another shriek and went unconscious.

The family asked, “Who is standing in that corner?”

I said, “I don’t know. Somebody must be standing there. I have heard there is a ghost.”

They said, “We have never heard of any ghost. You have been here only two months and you have heard that there is a ghost? Who has told you?”

I said, “Tomorrow morning.. First thing is to bring this woman to consciousness and put her to sleep.” But three, four times it happened: she would come to consciousness, just look in the corner and, “She is standing there.one eye!” The whole night they all had to remain awake - only I slept.

In the morning, the woman told them the story that I had told her. They said, “Don’t listen to him. He goes on telling things to people, and it is strange that people believe them - even older people.”

A man used to live beside me, and he was a constant visitor. He was very respected - he was sixty-five, and older than anybody in the house - and he was a very loving man. He had the best shop in the city for foodstuff. You could not get any better foodstuff anywhere - that was his quality. He was alone - no wife, no children - and he conceived his profession as a service to thousands of people. So it was not only his profession, it was something.a religious duty: everything had to be the best and at the very minimum profit.

I had convinced him about this woman. He said, “I don’t believe in ghosts at all; I am a believer in God. I don’t believe in ghosts at all.”

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