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Chapter 10: The Treasure of One’s Own Experience

If no Kabirs are being born today in the world, if no Gautam Buddhas are being born today in the world, your democracy is responsible for it. It is strange. In democracy, there should be a Kabir in every village, there should be a Nanak in every house, a Socrates and a Mansoor in every place, because the very foundation of democracy is freedom of thought. When there was no democracy in the world and there was no freedom of thought, this world touched great heights. And now? Now, it is a crime to fly to the heights in this world, your wings will be cut - because your flying to the heights hurts the hearts of those who are sitting in the dark valleys.

Democracy could have been a marvelous experience in the evolution of man’s soul. But it was not to be so. What has happened is just the opposite: “Much bleating but little wool” - very lofty, great words and an ugly reality behind it.

There is no freedom of thought anywhere, but every person should dare to have freedom of thought. This is inviting trouble, this is inviting it on oneself, but this trouble is worth inviting, because it is by passing through this challenge that a sharpness will come into your life, that a shine will enter your intelligence, that a luminosity will come into your being. Whereas carrying the whole load of other people’s most beautiful ideas, you are only a donkey loaded with the Gita, the Koran and the Bible - carrying them, but still a donkey. Don’t start thinking: “All the religious scriptures are loaded on my back, so what more is needed? Before long angels must be waiting to welcome me at the gates of heaven with harps.”

Even a small experience of your own, even a small thought born out of your own experience - a tiny seed will fill your life with more flowers than you can ever imagine.

Have you ever paid attention to what a potential a tiny seed has? A small seed can fill the whole earth with flowers - but the seed should be an alive one.

A thought is alive when it is born out of your own being, when your own heartbeat is in it, when it is sustained by the circulation of your own blood, when your own breath breathes through it.

My lifelong effort has been to shake you, to nudge you, to say to you: “How long are you going to remain filled with these borrowed, stale thoughts? Be ashamed! Enough of shamelessness! Let there be something of your own. Let there be some treasure of your own. And in this life there is no greater treasure than the treasure of experience - one’s own experience.

There is a sweet story on this line.

Buddha has come to a village.

And those days were beautiful; those were the days when this country witnessed the Everest of consciousness. This country has never climbed mountains but it has touched the highest of peaks of consciousness.

Buddha is coming to a village. The young king of that land’s old prime minister says to him, “You should go to welcome Buddha. The whole village is going to welcome him, and it will be very insulting of us if Buddha comes to the village and the king does not go to welcome him.”

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