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Chapter 14: I Am Ready, If You Are

During pregnancy, the mother’s state of mind plays a vital role in the formation of the child. In the right sense of the meaning, one is not a mother just because she has carried a child in her womb; she is also a mother because she has given a special direction to the child’s consciousness. Even a female animal is able to carry a baby in her stomach - all animals do it. Sooner or later machines will do it as well. It is not too difficult to imagine babies growing in a machine.

An artificial womb can certainly be created. The same system that exists in the mother’s womb can be created in a machine run by electricity. A system with the same degree of heat, the same amount of water, can be produced. And sooner or later, instead of growing babies in a mother’s womb, they will be placed and grown in a mechanical womb. But that will not be enough to meet the requirement of motherhood.

Perhaps very few mothers on this earth have fulfilled the role of motherhood. It’s a Herculean task to be a mother. And the task is, for nine months giving the child’s consciousness a specific direction. During these nine months, if the mother stays angry.. And when she gives birth to an angry child, when he behaves angrily, she scolds him, rebukes him, and wonders who has spoiled him, what bad company he must have fallen into.

Mothers come to me complaining about their sons and daughters having fallen into bad company. But they don’t realize that they are the ones who have sown the seeds of their children’s wrongdoings. They alone are responsible for building their consciousness - children are simply manifesting it. Of course, sowing the seed and its manifestation are two different phenomena. We don’t see the connection between the two because an enormous gap exists in between.

Emile Coué has written an anecdote in his biography. He says a friend of his, a major in the army, was once reading a book on hypnosis. Somewhere in the book it was mentioned that when a child is in the womb, whatever impressions the mother may receive are automatically transferred to the child. His wife was pregnant at that time. He told her, “The author of this book says, ‘Whatsoever a mother thinks, whatever she feels, whatever she lives - all of that is directly transferred to the child.’” They both laughed and took no serious note of it.

That evening they were invited to a party in honor of a general. By coincidence, the major’s wife sat next to the general at the dining table. The general’s thumb was squashed during the war. The major’s wife suddenly remembered what her husband had read to her that afternoon. Afraid that her child may be born with a deformed thumb, she tried deliberately not to see the general’s thumb. Throughout the party she avoided the general’s thumb, but the more she tried not to look at it the more her eyes wandered toward that thumb.

She forgot the general, she forgot the party, her whole attention remained focused on the thumb. Since she was sitting next to the general, she saw the thumb as he ate, as he shook hands with people. It got so bad that she even shut her eyes, but by shutting her eyes she saw the thumb even more clearly. It is easier to see things clearly with closed eyes. She completely freaked out. As long as the party lasted, the poor woman remained totally obsessed with the general’s thumb.

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