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Chapter 8: A Beginning with No End

When the gravitation pulls those small pieces, the force is such and the speed is such that they burn up. So when you see a star falling, it is just a stone that is burning. Because of the speed it becomes so hot that at some point it simply bursts into flames. Most often it is finished in the sky. Only very big stones have been able to reach the earth, for example the stone in Kaaba. Mohammedans think it is divine; it is nothing divine, it is a big stone that could not get burned completely and reached the earth. And there are many other places where such stones are.

So I said, “This temple would have disappeared. It is not possible. And there are no gods - and what kind of gods would fight for this rotten temple? There is nothing special in this temple, except that it has no foundation.”

But my understanding is that the walls represent the mind. And inside there is no statue. The inside emptiness represents consciousness. And no foundation represents that your mind has no foundation; it can be dropped any moment you decide to drop it. It is unfounded. It is just clinging around the consciousness, glued to it, but it has no foundation.

A great philosophical insight has been translated into architecture, and those idiots are talking about gods fighting and the temple slipping out of their hands and falling on the earth. They have destroyed the whole meaning. But the people who created the temple must have had the insight into what they were doing, and it must have taken tremendous effort to make it without any foundation. It is a huge structure and it has survived almost fifteen centuries.

There is the brain which comes every life - new, fresh. It is part of the body. There is mind which is as eternal as life. Until you become enlightened it remains clinging to you. It is just the dust of all the lives that you have lived, the memories that the mind releases after you die. And those memories go on sticking around the consciousness. It becomes a thick layer.

Meditation is the way to dig a hole into this thick layer to reach to the waters of consciousness. Hence meditation has a beginning but no end.

In a few days I am going to visit my eighty-year-old father whom I have not seen for seven years. He is very insistent about seeing me but at the same time very unhappy that I am a sannyasin. How to make him feel good and still not feel like a hypocrite?

You are not going - that’s the only way! In the first place, to go to Europe in such conditions of nuclear radiation is dangerous; there is no point. Secondly, to make him unhappy while he is dying at the age of eighty is not good. If you go as a sannyasin he will be more unhappy than if you don’t go.

For seven years you have not gone. If you go as a non-sannyasin you will feel unhappy that you are being a hypocrite, and there is every possibility that it will be discovered that you are simply pretending to be a non-sannyasin. So why harass the old man? And it is not certain that he is going to die. As far as I know, the longer a person lives, the less is the possibility of death. Have you ever heard of anybody dying at one hundred twenty, one hundred thirty? The longer one lives, the less is the possibility of death!

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