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Chapter 8: Whatsoever You Choose You Become

When life itself is so fulfilling, overflowing, so blissful, then what is that which makes a man miserable?

Life is overflowing, life is blissful, but man has lost the contact with life. He has become too self-conscious. That self-consciousness functions as a barrier, and one remains alive, yet not truly alive. Self-consciousness is the disease.

The birds are happy, the trees are happy, the clouds and the rivers are happy, but they are not self-conscious. They are simply happy. They don’t know that they are happy.

Buddha is happy, Krishna is happy, Christ is happy, but they are pure consciousness. They are happy, but they don’t know that they are.

There is a similarity between the unconscious nature and the supraconscious beings. Unconscious nature has no self, the supraconscious beings also have no self. Man is just in between. He is no more an animal, no more a tree, no more a rock, and yet not a buddha. Hanging in between is the misery.

Just the other day a new seeker from the West wrote me a letter saying: “Osho, I don’t want to become a sannyasin. I don’t want to become superhuman - Buddha or Christ. I simply want to become just human. Help me to become just human.”

Now, this is too ambitious, and it is impossible. Just to be human is impossible. Try to understand it. Because that means you are saying “Let me just remain the process, in the middle.” Man is not a state, man is only a process. For example if a child says, “I don’t want to become young, I don’t want to become old. Let me just remain a child,” is it possible?

He is already becoming young, he is on the way. Childhood is not a state. You cannot remain in it, you cannot stick to it. It is a process. Childhood is already going, youth is already coming. And so is youth going. Howsoever hard you try to remain young, your efforts are doomed to fail, because the youth is already turning into old age.

Just to be human, you ask. You ask the impossible. You are too ambitious. You can become a buddha. That is simpler. You can become a god, that is simpler. But to ask that you would like to just remain human is impossible. Because humanity is just a passage, a voyage, a journey, a pilgrimage. It is a process, not a state. You cannot remain human. If you try too hard to remain human, you will become inhuman. You will start falling. If you don’t go ahead, you will start slipping backwards. But you will have to go somewhere. You cannot remain static.

To be human simply means to be on the way of being a god nothing else. “God” is the goal. To be human is the journey, the way. The way can never be permanent, it cannot become eternal. Otherwise it will be very tiring. The goal will never arrive then, and you will be just on the journey, on the journey, on the journey.

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