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Chapter 2: The Alchemy of Places of Pilgrimage

So the stone at Kaaba may not be part of a meteorite but may have been left by the inhabitants of another planet. Perhaps it was once possible to communicate with them through the medium of this stone, but now only its worship has remained. The science of how it might have been used as a means of communication has been lost.

An unmanned Russian spaceship became lost when its radio contact with the Earth was broken, so it was no longer possible to trace it. Whether it was burnt up, destroyed, or is still somewhere in space is not known. But if it has landed on some planet, and if the inhabitants of that planet were able to repair the radio, they could re-establish contact with the Earth. They might also demolish it, or store it in their museum! They may even be afraid and in awe of it - or they may even start worshipping it. The Kaaba stone may be an instrument sent out by spacemen from some other planet to establish contact with the Earth.

I am telling you this only by way of an illustration, to explain that a sacred place of pilgrimage once was a medium to establish contact, not with any living beings in space, but with enlightened souls who had lived on this earth.

A very deep and intense experiment on Samved Shikhar was made by the twenty-two tirthankaras, just as they were leaving their bodies. On that mountain they tried to intensify and multiply the vibrations of their developed consciousness so that it would be easier for us to communicate with them. It was thought that if so many souls of such consciousness left their body from the same place, a path between that place and another plane could be laid. And such a path has existed.

The rainfall is not the same everywhere on Earth: there are some areas of heavy rain, where it rains as much as five hundred inches a year, and desert areas where there is no rain or it is very scarce. Similarly, there are places which are very cold, where there is nothing but snow everywhere; and there are areas so hot that it is difficult to make ice. In the same way on the earth there are places with high-density consciousness and low-density consciousness. Conscious attempts have been made to create areas of high consciousness, fields charged with human consciousness. They do not happen automatically, but are a result of the consciousnesses of powerful individuals.

Twenty-two tirthankaras traveling to that one mountain, entering samadhi and leaving their bodies there, created a highly charged field of consciousness, in some special sense, at Samved Shikhar. It was intended that if someone sits there, chanting the special mantras given by those twenty-two tirthankaras, his journey into out-of-the-body experiences would immediately begin. This is as scientific an experiment as any which take place in a laboratory.

The only reason for creating the places of pilgrimage was to experiment with creating powerfully charged fields of conscious energies, so that anyone could easily begin his inner journey.

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