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Chapter 26: Your Existence Is Just a Carbon Copy

He said, “I am fulfilled enough. Just your love has answered all my questions. You were half-dead and still you came back just to answer an ordinary man who has been avoiding you for thirty years, always finding different excuses.” He touched Buddha’s feet and he said, “Let me be your last disciple; initiate me. I had come to ask a question, but now there is no question - before your love, all questions disappear. And I don’t want to miss this opportunity to be initiated by you.”

Buddha initiated the man. And he asked again, “Is there anyone still holding some question? Because it will be very difficult for me.if I pass the third stage, if I have left the heart and moved into pure consciousness, the fourth state, it will be difficult for me - even if I want to return. So please, if you have any questions, don’t feel shy - ask them.”

They said, “We are already feeling very sad and sorry because this man unnecessarily disturbed you. This is not a moment to disturb you, this is a moment to be silent - so silent that when you dissolve your consciousness, something of it becomes part of us, too.” He said good-bye again and entered into the fourth state.

The story is very symbolic.. Up to this point it is absolutely historical. But in the East it is a tradition that what cannot be said in ordinary ways, can be related in parables, in stories. The story is:

As Buddha died, the trees that were dying, the trees whose leaves had become pale, suddenly became green; out of season, bushes and plants and trees burst into flower. There was a tremendous impact from his death - people who had been with him for decades and had not become enlightened, became enlightened in that moment.

Just as he dropped the body and his consciousness became unimprisoned, it spread all over. Whoever was receptive, according to his receptivity, he was fulfilled. Even the trees were not unaware. When he was dying the birds were silent, and when he died they started singing their songs of joy.

Whenever an enlightened man dies, the whole world feels a rain of love, of consciousness, of blissfulness, of peace.

So don’t waste your time just in reflections. Those reflections are good as fingers pointing to the real moon. Use those reflections to find the real which is reflected, and you will reach home from this strange land of insane people.

I am puzzled that I feel in your presence a beautiful absence, not in the sense of emptiness, but rather a quality of overflowingness. Can you say something about this sense of absence?

You need not be puzzled about it, because you are feeling something which is absolutely true.

I am absent, as a person. I have been absent for a long time. But the moment I became absent - the person disappeared - a miracle happened. The disappearance of the person did not create emptiness. On the contrary, when the person was there I was empty; as the person disappeared I became absolute fullness, a presence.

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