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Chapter 2: The Head, the Heart, the Navel

The child who is against his mother and father can never be in favor of God. There is no possibility that he can be in favor of God because the first feelings which arise in him towards God are those which arise towards his mother and father.

It is not without reason that all over the world God is called “the father.” It is not without reason that God is seen as an image of one’s father. If the first experiences in a child’s life are of trust, gratitude and reverence towards his mother and father, only then will the same experiences develop towards God, otherwise not.

As soon as he is born a child is immediately separated from his mother. His second source of life-energy is related to the heart of his mother. But at a certain point a child will have to separate from his mother’s milk too.

When does the right time come? It does not come as early as we think. Children should remain close to their mother’s heart a little longer if their love and heart are to develop rightly throughout their lives. They are forced to separate very early. A mother should not separate the child from her milk, she should allow the child to separate on his own. At a certain point the child will separate on his own. For the mother to force the separation is just like taking the baby out of the womb after four or five months, instead of allowing him to come out after nine months. It is just as harmful when the mother separates her child from her milk before he himself decides to give it up because then the second center, the heart center of the child, also does not develop rightly.

While we are talking about this I would like to tell you something more. You will be surprised to hear it. Why is it that all over the world, the part of the woman’s body to which men are attracted the most is her breasts? These are all children who were separated very early from their mother’s milk! In their consciousness, somewhere deep inside, a desire has remained to be close to a woman’s breasts. It has not been fulfilled - there is no other reason, there is no other cause. In tribal societies, in primitive societies where the children remain close to the mother’s breasts long enough, men have no such attraction towards the breasts.

But why are your poems, your novels, your movies, your dramas, your pictures all centered around the breasts of women? They have all been created by men who, in their childhood, could not remain close to their mother’s breast long enough. That desire is left unfulfilled and now it starts arising in new forms. Now pornographic pictures are being created, pornographic books and pornographic songs are being written. Now men harass women on the streets and throw stones at them. You create all these stupidities and then later on complain about them and try to get rid of them.

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