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Chapter 14: The Function of a Master

People are dying: in Ethiopia they are dying, thousands a day; in India they are starving, and soon other countries will follow. This third world of poor countries is there because of your politicians. A man who is awake cannot be a politician. He cannot be a religious leader either, because these are all ego claims: “I am the prophet of God; I am the messiah; I am somebody special sent from God; you are just ordinary human creatures, I am divine.” This is simply sickness of the mind, these people are suffering from inferiority complex and covering it with fictions.

Who are you?

I am just myself - no prophet, no messiah, no Christ. Just an ordinary human being, just like you.

Well, not quite!

That’s true.not quite! You are still asleep but that is not much of a difference. One day I was also asleep; one day you will be able to awaken. You can wake up this moment, nobody is preventing it. So the difference is just meaningless; a person who is capable of being asleep is capable of being awake.

Is there such a thing as God?


What is within us? You talk about turning inward, what does that really mean?

First, let us finish God; otherwise, he will interfere again and again. God is just a projection of the ego. As ego is false and a substitute for a true self, God is the ego of the whole world, a substitute self, because our egos cannot exist without support. They need universal support, and God gives immense support.

When I say go inwards, you are not going to find God at all. You are going to find a pure, silent consciousness, and you are going to realize immediately that the same consciousness pervades all. I call it godliness, not God, because it is a quality. Don’t give it a personality, don’t confine it into a person. Let it remain free, flowing. It is more like a fragrance than like a flower. A flower can be painted, a flower can be photographed; a fragrance can only be experienced, you cannot photograph it, you cannot paint it. It is a quality far superior to the personal God. It is an impersonal consciousness, universal consciousness.

Doesn’t that seem sort of boring?


Yeah, because it’s all the same.

Yes, to an asleep person it is boring. The person who is asleep needs colorful dreams, changes every night, marriage, divorce, job change. The asleep person becomes bored very easily for the simple reason that his joy is derived from something, it is not coming from his own inner source.

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