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Chapter 12: On the Flight Alone

I have read that Kabir says, “I leave behind my cloak intact. I wore my cloak with great care and then put it aside as I found it, without impairing it in any way. Oh swan, take off on the flight alone.”
Osho, what is this?

Kabir was a poor man. As far as the outside world is concerned, he was nobody. But as far as the inner world is concerned, he belongs to the same category as Gautam Buddha, Lao Tzu, Zarathustra.

His statements of course cannot be in the language of the learned and the scholarly. And it is not unfortunate in any way; on the contrary, it is very fortunate that he speaks the language of the very ordinary man, but he brings such beauty to language that no scholarship can compete with it. He brings such glamor to the mundane words used in the marketplace.you could have never thought that this can become a symbol for the ultimate. But he knows no other language.

He has the experience of the ultimate, but his language is that of a weaver he was a weaver. His whole life he was weaving clothes, going to sell them every Sunday in the marketplace. Even though he became famous far and wide as an awakened, enlightened consciousness and thousands of people started coming to him, even kings, the richest people but he never left his job. He continued weaving.

A thousand and one times he must have been asked by his disciples: “We can take care of all your needs. And your needs are not very many.” He had only one son, one wife and himself, and they lived in absolute poverty. But he always refused. He said, “God has made me a weaver and I cannot be otherwise. And you never think about those people who get the clothes which I weave. I weave with such love and such joy, such celebration, such consciousness, that nobody else can do it. What will happen to my customers? I am always weaving for my customers, because every customer of mine is a representation of the divine. I am in the service of the divine please don’t distract me.”

His language because he was a weaver reflects again and again his profession and the language that must have been used by his profession.

In this beautiful statement, which nobody else could have made Buddha cannot make it, he cannot even think of it.

“I have read,” you are asking, “that Kabir says: ‘I leave behind my cloak intact.’”

This statement was made before his death, just a few moments before. He is saying, I am leaving my cloak intact.

“I wore my cloak with great care, then put it aside as I found it, without impairing it in any way. Oh swan, take off on the flight alone.”

The moment of departure the final departure of consciousness from the body.In the Eastern mystic language the swan symbolizes the soul, because the swan is so white and so pure and particularly the swan that comes from the Himalayas has the same purity as the eternal snow of the Himalayas.

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