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Chapter 5: Esoteric Games: A Hindrance to Growth

Is there a division between body and mind, matter and consciousness, the physical and the spiritual? How can one transcend body and mind to attain spiritual consciousness?

The first thing to be understood is that the division between body and mind is absolutely false. If you begin with that division you will reach nowhere; a false beginning leads nowhere. Nothing can come out of it because every step has its own logic of evolving. The second step will come out of the first, and the third out of the second and so on. There is a logical sequence. So the moment you take the first step, you have chosen everything in a way.

The first step is more important than the last, the beginning is more important than the end, because the end is just an outcome, a growth. But we are always concerned about the end, never with the beginning; always concerned with ends, never with means. The end has become so significant to us that we lose track of the seed, of the beginning. Then we can go on dreaming, but we will never reach the real.

To any seeker, this concept of a divided person, this concept of a dual existence - of body and mind, of the physical and the spiritual - is a false step. Existence is undivided; all divisions are just mental. The very way the mind looks at things creates a duality. It is the prison of the mind that divides.

Mind cannot do otherwise. It is difficult for the mind to conceive of two contradictions as one, of opposite polarities as one. The mind has a compulsion, an obsession, to be consistent. It cannot conceive how light and darkness are one. It is inconsistent, paradoxical.

The mind has to create opposites: God and the Devil, life and death, love and hate. How can you conceive of love and hate as one energy? It is difficult for the mind. So the mind divides, then the difficulty is over: hate is opposite to love, and love is opposite to hate. Now you can be consistent and the mind can be at ease. So division is a convenience of the mind - not a truth, not a reality.

It is convenient to divide yourself into two: the body and you. But the moment you divide, you have taken a wrong step. Unless you come back and change the first step you can wander for lives and lives, and nothing will come of it, because one false step leads to more false steps. So begin with the right beginning. Remember that you and the body are not two, that two is just a convenience. One is enough as far as the existence is concerned.

It is artificial to divide yourself into two. Really, you always feel that you are one, but once you begin to think about it, the problem arises. If your body is hurt, in that very moment you never feel that you are two. You feel that you are one with the body. Only later, when you begin to think about it, do you divide.

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