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Chapter 23: Our Way Is of Humor, Our Way Is of Bliss

If people don’t like what we are doing, why don’t they just leave us alone to do it?

There are many reasons for it, and of great importance. First; why do people not like what we are doing here? It is none of their concern in fact. We are not doing anything to them. If we are doing anything at all, we are doing it to ourselves. Particularly my whole philosophy is selfish, self-centered. Why do they not like it?

There is tremendous fear behind it, because we are doing something they have stood against for the whole past history of humanity.

If we succeed, their whole history, all their religions, culture, civilizations, are proved to be wrong.

Our success is risky.

Our success is dangerous, it is a challenge - and not to a single individual, not to a single society, not a single religion, but to all that they have been doing; their philosophy, their religion.. If you just see the great implication: you are standing against the whole history of man - your success cannot be allowed. Somehow or other they want you to fail; in your failure is their success. That’s why they are against it. It is a great question - who is right?

We are a small commune. On their side is the whole history of man - millions and millions of men, thousands of cultures, civilizations; but they have all lived according to some basic principles and we are against those basic principles.

The trouble arises because they have not succeeded; otherwise they would not have bothered about you. If they had succeeded they would have pitied you, they would not have been against you. But they have not succeeded, that’s where the real trouble lies. They have failed, utterly failed. On every single point they have failed, and they cannot allow anybody else to succeed because that success will make them a thousandfold miserable.

Right now at least they have the consolation that “this is the way things happen.” There has never been real opposition to them. Hindus against Mohammedans - that is not real opposition; Jews against Christianity - that is not real opposition, because on fundamental points they are all in agreement.

We are in total disagreement on every step, on every single point. This has never happened before; naturally, they are freaking out. We can’t help that. They are facing a great danger: our success will make their whole history a history of stupidity. And we are succeeding. Every day we are succeeding, and we are proving to them that they have been wrong.

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